Adding black foam board to the sides, just outside the photo behind the product, creates a dark border on the white product. Combine a white bounce card on the front and black bounce cards behind the product for more advanced lighting settings. But not all apparel product photography portland oregon online retailers can afford to invest in a professional photo studio when they first start. DIY product photography offers a great alternative and whenever you know the right tools and techniques, taking photos of exciting products is at your fingertips.

The good news is that you REALLY only need one camera, but using some of the professional accessories below can help you take better photos more easily. We have selected some of our favorite product photography options and have also included some DIY and low budget options. If you already have your equipment together, go to Part 2 where we cover the camera and study settings. Investing in high-quality product photography is the best you can do for your e-commerce store’s conversion rate. Product photos were classified as more important than detailed product descriptions / specifications, reviews, and reviews of stars and videos.

If your audience is passionate about the type of products you sell, a lifestyle image can go a long way toward making a sale. The main advantage of context images is that they make your products more recognizable to potential consumers. While detailed product photos can be very informative, lifestyle photos can bring your product to life and have an emotional impact. Find the things consumers love about your products and make them recognizable. By selling outdoor items to enthusiastic hikers, your marketing campaign can focus on the hardness of your products and the hardness of the people who use them.

Taking a basic photo editing lesson is a good idea to be good at photography. You can choose a 24 to 70mm lens for other types of product photography. In general, the more expensive the lenses are, the more dissolution and sharpness you get. You can use other tools, such as a diffuser, to spread light evenly. Natural light gives you the opportunity to be creative with your efforts to configure product photography.

These photos are often used for product listings in online stores like Amazon or Etsy and are generally taken with a simple white background to limit distractions. Images that are for the product only capture subject details such as size, silhouette, and color. These details help consumers find exactly what they are looking for when shopping online. These are images of products engraved on a white or very light background with adequate lighting and consistent shadows. They give your store a uniform look and allow customers to easily visualize what the item is like in real life. When photographing, keep in mind that they must show the exact color, size, and other characteristics of the product to help the user make a purchase decision.

Create high-quality images by photographing on a solid background, such as fabric or black or white paper. The product should shine in these photos, so keep the background simple and clean to limit distractions. Well, there you have it, 35 tips that will help you exploit a more productive and efficient photo studio and produce images of higher quality products. Product photography science focuses on studio setup, production, workflows, automation, equipment, resources, and software.