Go play with him and take care of him, take him out to the rest of the house to spend time with him, but then bring him back to his room. When he settles down, he trains the trash, relaxing with his new family members and is not likely to panic, then let him explore the house when people are home to watch over it. Return him to his room when he is left alone, when people go to work and school and at night.

If you want to change your diet, do so in a few days by mixing new food with your regular cat diet. Cats have a small stomach and should be fed a little and often. The easiest way to give growing cats a balanced diet is to feed a complete diet for growth. They are usually dry, but some companies also produce canned items. These foods are specially designed for small cats, which have different nutritional needs for a fully grown cat. Read and follow all nutritional instructions carefully.

It is also a good idea to allocate a quiet area as a “basic camp” kitten to get used to its new surroundings. This space should be banned for other pets, and young children should only be accepted under adult supervision. Area furniture with trash, dishes, water, comfortable bedding and a game. It’s usually a good idea to keep food and water in the trash, because cats generally don’t like to eat near where they do their work – but again, who does it! This area will act as a safe space for small cats, not only to get to know you, but also to get used to strange sounds and smells in her new home.

Cats are particularly fragile before the age of 12 weeks. If you have children, watch their introduction to the new pet to make sure it is a positive experience for both the cat and the baby. Your children may not know how to take care of a small cat, but they need to know that they should be careful. Cats are very cute, it is understood that cat owners sometimes want small cats to remain cats forever. This is when you, as a parent, lay the groundwork for your cat’s health and behavior in the future. Not to mention, it is the stage where you have to determine the food you buy, the vet to be visited and where to place the trash.

Put the stairs in a quiet accessible corner because your cat. Make sure it is not next to food and water containers, as the cat may be reluctant to use a tray close to its food. Unless the little cat has diarrhea or the garbage can is particularly dirty (in this case you will need to clean much earlier), the contents should be downloaded completely only weekly. Some disinfectants that become cloudy in the water are toxic to cats, so use hot water and weak detergent only when cleaning stairs. If you feed dry food, cats may have unlimited access to it (unless you have other animals that will eat cat food).

All you have to do is keep your family warm and dry and in a special dark place. Unfortunately, sometimes the mother of a small cat is not present or cannot take care of her young children. If this is the case, you will need to intervene to help the cats get hot and feed them.

Caring for cats involves practical attention from members of the human family. Cat care focuses on adapting cats to their new family and providing the physical well-being of the cat to support health development. Choose a secluded room away from other members of the Furry family so that Kitty can adapt to her new life.

Some cat lines are more human-oriented and you may not want to leave it alone for long periods. If you are out at work all day, it may be helpful to have two cats together for the company – look for the breed you are interested in. Always make sure that health comes first, regardless of “appearance”. As pets walk, cats have relatively low maintenance compared to dogs that need company, gait, training, etc.

At this age, your little cat should also start healthy vaccines to prevent the dispersion of cats, cats, herpes, calikiv virus and, finally, rabies. Filming is repeated every 3 to 4 weeks until the cat is 4 months old. Feeding cats the right food, in the right quantities and at the right times during the day is essential for happy, healthy and growing cats. Our veterinary staff will be delighted to discuss the proper feeding schedule for your cat. The socialization and training that your cat receives.

For example, if you move your little cat or scratch your hand, give him a game to play with instead. If you scratch the furniture, repeat it patiently to a scratch or pillow apartments on Westheimer point. If all the others fail, give her some time limiting her to base camp until she calms down. While your cat is 6 weeks old, you should eat hard food and canned kittens.