Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

Companies should conduct a formal risk assessment to identify all valuable resources and prioritize them based on the impact of an asset if it is compromised. This helps companies decide how best to use their resources to secure any valuable asset. Two of these annual events are Cyber Security Awareness Month and Data Protection Day.Data Protection Day is an international event held annually on January 28.

This varies from company to company, but may include policies for social media use, bringing your own device, authentication requirements, etc. Today’s data threats do not discriminate; Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to attacks. However, small and medium-sized businesses are often less prepared for security threats than their larger counterparts.

We will contact you to explain how we are approaching the development of a tailored risk assessment and cybersecurity plan tailored to your business needs. The importance of cybersecurity in businesses should never be overlooked, as cyberattacks take place year after year at an alarming rate around the world. We have industry-leading certifications and dedicate every day to researching the latest exploitation techniques to ensure our customers remain protected from evolving online attacks. Employees should be prevented from accessing websites known as malicious websites.

A company’s policies are high-level principles and guidelines adopted by an organization to communicate its goals and expected outcomes. Without policies, a company doesn’t have a plan to work with, and standards can vary widely across the company. Therefore, a set of guidelines should standardize how a company works and at what expected level it operates. Barracuda also searches for specific keywords, PCI compliance attachments, and techniques used by spammers to determine if a message is safe. We constantly monitor the activities of the software, and if it finds suspicious content, it sends the user a quarantine report in which we can decide to start or block similar messages. Remote work and the gig economy have forced companies to receive Zoom calls and synchronize all their processes and data.

Monitor your business for data breaches and protect your customers’ trust. Strong input validation is often the first line of defense against various types of injection attacks. In addition, secure coding standards should be used when writing software, as they help avoid most of the common vulnerabilities described in OWASP and CVE.