This number is very useful if you lose your phone or if it is stolen. The police generally require that you provide the IMEI number when you report that your phone has been stolen. Depending on local laws, you can block your phone’s access to networks or make calls meid vs imei by blacklisting your IMEI Now that you have your IMEI, you want to do something with it, right?? There are many websites where you can enter your phone’s IMEI number, e.g. In return, you will receive a list of exact specifications and information about your device.

There are several options to determine the IMEI of your device. In most cases, the number is printed on the packaging of your device. If your device has a replaceable battery, you should look under the battery cover. Manufacturers have often attached a sticker with the relevant information. With the help of a special code, the IMEI number can also be called up using the keyboard of a device.

The IMEI or international identity number for mobile devices is used to clearly identify a mobile device in the network. It is similar to the social security number or the Aadhar number. It consists of 15 digits and is assigned to every GSM telephone on the market. CDMA phones mostly use a different identification method called MEID number and can therefore be distinguished. Even if the SIM card has been removed on your phone, it can be tracked with the IMEI number attached to the device.

In three of the four phones tested, only one gave the expected result. Neither the iPhones we tested nor LG V40 ThinQ received the number after selecting the code. That is why we quote it here as a historical artifact and last resort. The IMEI number indicates where the mobile device is manufactured and how high the model number of the device is. The IMEI number of a phone indicates the current location of the phone.

Your private information and even your phone contacts are always at risk. You can only track the location of your stolen cell phone if you are using Android Device Manager. Hopefully you are still connected to your Google account so you can lock the device and track its location until you find it. When someone touches your calls, your IMEI is first and foremost the least of your concerns.