Wastewater Treatment Solutions

The town of Bensenville (pop. 18,352) recruits for two full-time wastewater managers. These functions are responsible for a variety of tasks in the operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant and lifting stations and other related tasks as assigned. Have two years of full-time equivalent work experience at a large wastewater treatment plant (more than 1.0 MGD flow) or a combination of wastewater treatment education, water quality, chemistry, biology or environmental technology and previous work experience, which is a total of four years . Have a “D” MPCA certificate for wastewater operators (a “C” class certificate is desirable).

These are available to selected industries that support the operation of water and wastewater treatment plants. An OnBoard agreement paves the way for efficient and performance-oriented collaboration between your team and SUEZ. Our experts will join your operating team through scheduled service visits or continuous optional presence on site. This ensures continuity in production by transferring knowledge from the SUEZ team to its operational staff and giving access to world leading experts in the field of water treatment.

Water and wastewater treatment plants and system administrators generally require a high school diploma or equivalent to become operators. Employers may prefer applicants who have obtained a certificate, employee, or bachelor’s degree in a related area, such as environmental science or wastewater treatment technology. There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of cold water on a hot day or a cup of steaming tea on a cold winter night. We rely on water resources specialists to ensure that our water supply is clean, safe and accessible so that we can support ourselves and our daily activities.

This function works on permanent days or nights and has a service of 8 hours and 12 hours. Day / night and day hours are based on the open position within the operator’s 10 person hours. Operators complete shifts to provide a minimum of factory company coverage of 2 people and monitoring of the collection system. This function includes the daily operation and / or maintenance of wastewater treatment plants in a teamwork environment to meet all applicable standards related to plant and biosolid wastewater in a timely, efficient and economical manner. Candidates for this position will operate various teams, including, but not limited to; pumps, motors, fixed handling equipment, sludge collection, chemical power supply, doors and valves. Respond and take appropriate corrective action for alarms experienced on-site.

You may be surprised to learn about the complexity of our water supply scheme. For example, if wastewater disposal appears to violate health and safety standards, or if appropriate permits are out of service, or if water storage practices are questioned, these specialists are often needed. To identify the cause of the problem, they use mathematical equations that predict contamination levels in water and anticipate the behavior of sewerage and storm systems.

Explore resources for employment and state and area wages for water and wastewater treatment plants and system administrators. Most water and wastewater treatment plants and system operators are employed by the local government. Water and wastewater treatment plants and system operators generally work full time. Supports the pretreatment program by coordinating and conducting industrial sampling and inspection activities. Perform engineering work on the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of water collection and extraction systems, including data and information collection and analysis for project size development, contractual document preparation, and offerings. Coordinates the district’s CMOM program for the inspection and maintenance of collection systems.

Any increase in license level allows the operator to perform more complicated processes without supervision. The Northern Morrena Wastewater Advertising District has an immediate opening for a Wastewater Operator. This is an unexpensive position responsible for the operation, repair and maintenance of equipment and the monitoring, sampling and control of the district’s wastewater treatment plants consisting of the collection system and the treatment plant. The “UT-4” operates various physical, biological and chemical treatment units and equipment related to conventional waste-activated sludge and wastewater treatment processes.

In medium and large factories that require constant monitoring, operators work shifts to monitor the facility at all hours.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related scientific field and at least four years of experience in the design, operation and maintenance of municipal sanitary or storm sewerage. An equivalent combination of training and experience sufficient to successfully perform essential job tasks can also be considered. The Glenbard Wastewater Authority Wastewater Expert Witness Engineer is recruiting for a part-time entry level Plant Operator. Tasks include, but they are not limited to; factory operational tasks; operator services at the GWA treatment facility and the rainwater treatment plant; light maintenance work if necessary; and a receptive service, courteous and efficient to the villagers of Lombard and Glen Ellyn and to the general public.