This lively market is home to hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of local delicacies. Make sure to try some of the famous fish dishes while you are there! Here you can buy souvenirs, taste local food and learn more about the culture of the city. You can also enjoy the taste of spicy Korean pastel rice and other tasty Korean sandwiches. Mumemories / Test your hand on the rollercoaster class or one of those carnival games. If you have enough fun in Wolmido Theme Park, you can definitely stroll through the waters along Wolmido Cultural Street and feel the cool breeze coming straight from the ocean.

Try traditional Korean dishes in fast food stalls or seated restaurants that promote kimchi, noodles, mackerel and the comforting rice dish bibim hood. There are also plenty of other dishes, such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian and more. Western chains include Burger King, KFC and Shake Shack, always popular.

It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon on a sunny day. Medha: Take a trip back to South Korea and visit Incheon again! Although Incheon Airport is great and has many activities to keep everyone busy with a stopover. In the same area of Chinatown, it is a quirky area of sculptures and street art by Disney princesses and other characters, fairytale characters and more. A city is needed to support the colorful walls and front gardens. If you come to Incheon from Incheon International Airport, you must go through immigration.

As for the location, Incheon is located along the shores of the Yellow Sea and within the Seoul metropolitan region and even uses the same metro network. Incheon is a technological and industrial 오피스텔 city and prides itself on being the only Chinese neighborhood in South Korea. Songdo Central Park is the first seawater park in Korea and consists of 5 parts where you cannot spend boring times.

You can understand a chapter of Korean history here, as the park is home to several historical monuments. With the Incheon opening gate in 1883, areas near the park were occupied with concessions from various countries, including the US. Later, in 1957, when the statue of General MacArthur, in command of Incheon’s landing operation during the Korean War, the park was renamed “Jayu Park”, meaning “freedom” in Korean. A relaxed attitude, delicious dishes, beautiful outdoors and colorful street art are great things to expect. Many visitors from South Korea would like to leave the airport and go to Jeju, Daegu or Busan Island. We had to leave many places to select the list of things we had to do in Incheon.

It is the perfect destination for longer trips or daily scales. And with the efficient public transformation system, you can easily travel from one place to another. Incheon City houses a collection of unique and unmissable attractions that are absolutely perfect for travelers of all ages. Whether you’re traveling around town with a group of friends and jumping from island to island, or planning a family trip, Incheon South Korea won’t disappoint.

He found her on the island, now known as Baengnyeongdo Island (White Crane Wings Island), a name given by locals in honor of the White Crane who brought together lovers. Looking at a map, it looks like Baengnyeong Island would be across the border in North Korea, but it is actually one of the five border islands in northwest South Korea. The remote windy island is known for its literary history and mysterious rock formations, and the wide and empty Sagot beach, which was used as a military airport during the Korean War. Although the beach can only swim in the summer season, you can take sand walks all year round.

Although inhabited for thousands of years, Incheon really started its rise in the 19th century when it became an international port in 1883. Since then, and with the opening of Incheon International Airport in 2001, the city has grown to a population of nearly 3 million people. Koreans really enjoy elegant resorts and hotels, it is part of their culture. Many people will rent a hotel room on weekends to spend quality time with their friends or other important ones.

Below is a list of things to do in Incheon and the places to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best areas to explore and new dishes to try. These are just a few things you can do during a stopover at Seoul Incheon Airport.