In addition to dogs and cats, horses are one of the animals closest to humans. As a result, horses have evolved to live with a man and understand our behavior and attitude. Horses are excellent companions, which is why many riders call horses their best friends. According to research, when he tells, communicates and interacts with animals, humans promote a positive effect and have been used in a number of therapeutic driving programs. The benefits of horse riding do not end physically and psychologically, but also contribute to the development of personal skills and abilities. This is one of the reasons we think it is such a great activity for children: horses teach them so many lessons, both directly and indirectly.

The organizer has received written permission to conduct the investigation. The study was conducted in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration. Since online surveys or questionnaires do not require the completion of an information sheet or consent form for the participant, the completion of the survey was considered informed consent. Participants were informed of the importance of the investigation and were kindly requested to provide information. In Poland, such investigations do not require the approval of the Bioethical Commission to conduct them among voluntary respondents. In the presented study, a 7-degree benefit / practice barrier scale was used.

This activity is not intended for people with a weak heart who are afraid to take over. By horse riding you have more confidence in yourself by handling a huge animal well. I personally enjoy driving because I think it brings me closer to nature. In general, equestrian programs provide students with the tools to improve their emotional skills, mental well-being and physical health.

She is also a registered PATH instructor and horse specialist and has Level One certification through the American Hippotherapy Association. Studies have for years suggested that the impact that nature and / or animals have on humans is profound. Gone are the days when the man’s effective means of transport drove or drove. Many of our ancestors learned from childhood the complexity of horse riding, which rewarded them with good posture, a strong core and good physical and mental health. The results presented showed that respondents declared a high rank of up to 20 aspects (19 benefits and 1 barrier related to money), a moderate range of up to 16 aspects and a low rank of up to 7 barriers.

These competitive and exhibition events are very popular and attract large numbers of participants and public parties, with more than 10,000 people per event. Studies show that horse riding increases hormone levels to improve serotonin mood more than other types of exercise and this is probably no surprise to experienced riders. If you are a rider, you will not only come out with your horse nailed and ready to go.

More characteristics of drivers should be explored in the future, p.age, which is a potentially important factor in terms of motivation to ride a horse. Another problem is the impact of the training experience on the Equestrian perceived benefits. In other sports disciplines, the impact of the training experience and how a focus on sports results influences sports perception in terms of physical and mental aspects has been investigated .