Visit our website for information on whether the security officer is the right job for you. Also known as a security officer, guards are responsible for protecting property or individuals through patrols and act as access controls to visitors. These courses can be done online and offer you a wealth of skills that will give your guard a big boost. Here at Defencify, we offer training courses that can help you become an effective security guard and provide you with the tools you need to succeed in security holes.

Provides optimal customer service and performs all security-related tasks by preparing reports of daily activities and events. They must be driven to help and protect people and to value human life above all else. Such security personnel will often work hard, be committed and loyal. By having excellent observation skills, they can detect certain irregularities. They then need to quickly weigh the potential threat and determine whether they need the support of other security personnel. Ideally, you want to ensure that your guards and agents can handle a wide variety of problems.

Complex problem solving: identify complex problems and assess related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Learning strategies: selection and use of appropriate training / instruction methods and procedures for the situation when learning or teaching Security guards new things. Armed physical security services provided and managed to protect people, the environment, business property and information. Work duties and responsibilities include using the business protocol to project, observe and report suspicious business-related activities.

Our dedicated Sacramento and Bay Area team is hired to protect people, places and property. Our job is to monitor and patrol a designated area and provide exceptional personal security to customers, their customers and the property they have hired us to protect. This blog serves as a tool to answer all your questions or concerns and to educate you about the private security industry and best practices. For example, if they work in a facility where protests can take place, they must be able to control rebels or crowds with their communication skills and physical skills. Despite the popular belief that guards spend their days behind computers watching surveillance monitors, security work is physically demanding. The regular officer spends a lot of time moving and patrols the areas to which they are assigned.

Independence: work requires developing your own ways of doing things, guiding yourself with little or no supervision and depending on yourself to do things. Social orientation: work requires that you prefer to work with others than to be alone and personally connected to others at work. Performance / Effort: Work requires personal setting and maintaining challenging performance goals and making efforts to manage tasks. Innovation: work requires creativity and alternative thinking to develop new ideas and answers to work-related problems.

Olympia, but physical fitness is an implied requirement for most security personnel. Whether it’s patrol routes, interacting with the public or responding to security threats, employers need a basic level of physical fitness. Overweight guards can negatively affect a company’s public perception and compromise security. Most guards spend a lot of time, assigned to a specific position or patrolling buildings and grounds.

Thanks to our high standards, we employ the best people who can successfully protect any business, property or event. When employers hire guards to protect their businesses or people who use space, certification is the most important assessment they are looking for. It is essential that people in charge of their safety have received adequate training for the guard and have completed approved and certified courses. Of course, there are also many other qualifications and skills that security guards employers are looking for. The expected working hours of a security officer depend on the type of company and the specific service.