Parents Who Play Pokémon Go With Kids

Ted Gerson loves video games, and when his great-uncle left his waste-filled apartment after his death, Ted discovers that great-uncle Ted has established his apartment as an extended, real version of an escape game. With the help of their friends Caleb and Isabel, children can find an invaluable treasure in the middle of the trash, hopefully before a shadowy figure finds it first. I don’t like Pokémon because I play competitively with other adults. But I see competitive Pokémon playing, and frankly it’s pretty good as a sport .

Two years passed before the games were released in the US. US, and more than three before European children like me could play them. But when Pokémon arrived here, it was an explosion of prepared pop culture, with a television series, collector’s cards and endless merchandise from Japan, along with those strange, compelling and extraordinary Game Boy games.

More or less forming a team and making it stronger, I will never be bored. But recently I picked up Pokemon cards generations as a child because I never completed my Pokemon card collection and that’s all I like now. The gameplay is smooth, fun, sometimes challenging and it is especially cheerful, which is always a good addition if all the other series I play have dark tones. I also recently participated in the competition, formed my own team and also won some battles. When I live in Australia, I don’t often go to games, but I got up in the morning to put Tottenham into action and think people call sports a religion. It was much more than a fashion in the 90’s, it was something special.

It is also great to be able to catch Pokemon yourself. Younger children absolutely need self-control; If you don’t trust them not to run out normally, you probably shouldn’t let them have your phone and chase Pokemon with him. If you are confused about any of the mechanics of the game, there are many items to help you fix it.

It is a fantastic game to drive children’s imagination crazy. This way your child can pick them all up and have different Pokémons on his team. On the one hand, it is less attractive that you are guaranteed to see almost the same pocket demons wherever you are.

Children can recreate the battles of Pokémon, the adventures of Ash and his friends, or leave it to their own imaginations. There is an infinite amount of play with these toys. One of the best things about this toy is that it is fully portable. The world is accumulating in the carrying bag that children can use as a backpack, so this is a great toy to keep children busy while traveling.

Another tip: if you want to play as a family, choose the same team so that you can take care of the gyms together. One of our boys told me all about the people in a local park who had memorial banks. Without this app / game you would never have noticed the memorial banks, let alone learn about the people who have been memorized.

And unfortunately the lure function is an integral part of the game. That’s why Lotter said that parents can do the most powerful thing to protect their children, directly warn them of the dangers of following this lures, and then take home the best security practices to use the app. “Talk to your kids about being aware of their environment and having careful and common sense: don’t go to remote places, don’t relate to strangers and make friends if possible,” he says. Parents should also communicate about their children’s whereabouts and ask them to let them know when they change places.” Fresh air and outdoor exercise can be a welcome change for parents of children who practice banks, but child safety experts warn that the features and rules of the application to play involve potential dangers. All simulation has no value, if it can be done for free by some bastard on your PC without moving.