We have done the work to evaluate the best apartment search sites so that you have direct access to them. We’ve categorized our list by platform, but most apartment search services have an application and a website. If you are on a desktop computer, choose from the best apartment websites. See the best apartment search applications below to navigate a smartphone.

Where Trulia stands out is community-based neighborhood reviews on issues such as pet safety and security. Trulia also includes a Search by School District feature to help tenants with families search within their favorite public school system. Apartments.com is one apartments in Houston off 290 of the pioneers in online apartment listing, so it makes sense that they have one of the best apartment rental applications. Users can access thousands of rental entries, submit an online application and even map their ideal search limits on an interactive map.

An open house tour or apartment on a Saturday can lead to a lease signed on Sunday. If you are looking for apartments on the way or if your quick visit is strictly dedicated to the hunt for apartments, be prepared to sign a lease. If you are in a city where the apartments are on the market for an hour and are off the market next time, you should not doubt that.

Calling instead of sending emails is likely to be more efficient. Inform the owner of your current situation that you are trying to rent an apartment outside the state and how you cannot visit it personally. Most will accommodate and have methods of signing leases for these situations.

Ask them to “check kitchen designs, cabinets and storage areas, which must be functional and meet daily needs and activities,” said Dillon. Finding an apartment online is the norm, so it is not surprising that real estate managers and owners spend much more time announcing their online rental listings. In the same vein, they also make more detailed descriptions of the property so tenants can get a better idea of the unit without having to go through it. By reading an apartment description, you can learn more about the facilities offered, whether pet-friendly and, above all, if available.

Do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t miss your dream spot. There is still research that you can follow online, go here for more information about that process, to make sure you are as informed as possible. Look for details about the building, even when it is built, how many units it has and what services are included.

They can fill the gaps in the areas you need to look at and start answering questions you don’t even know how to ask. A local contact can visit the apartment and the neighborhood and even send you photos and videos. See our comprehensive guide to the apartment application process to see all the paperwork you need. You may also be asked for rental references, so make sure you have them with the correct contact details. For apartments that make their list, please contact the owner.

Be aware of the surrounding neighborhood, ask for the residents or inmates of the building and make sure you know what your trip to work would be like. Check out our apartment search checklist and ask those questions too. Lillian Moore June 10, 2016 I like the suggestion not to sign anything until I thoroughly investigate the management company. This is a great way to understand who you work with and what quality your help is.