What is missing in the United States is adult participation in child’s play. We hope that space does all the work without providing any guidance or structure. This is unrealistic and ultimately unfair to children, and unfortunately it is no less true in school environments than in public parks. These playgrounds are generally located in a smaller, more protected area, which can reduce the sense of being seen or judged by others. They often have equipment for adults that helps the elderly stretch, strengthen muscles and improve their sense of balance.

In addition, playgrounds help fight the obesity epidemic in the United States by promoting exercise and increasing the game. Create a space for community members to get together safely by adding a park. By offering children a safe place to play and parents to take their little ones with them, cities can enjoy nicer areas where residents can play and relax. Community parks offer a variety of benefits to the environment. From a safe place for physical activity to high real estate values nearby, there are many ways residents and local government officials can take advantage of the parks.

Falling due to bone fractures or more serious traumatic brain damage remains the leading cause of injury in playgrounds. In addition to healthcare providers who monitor closely and take children to suitable play areas, agencies can ensure that the team is free 메이저놀이터 from potential risks by having a robust maintenance plan. For example, it is important to ensure adequate height between the equipment and the surface below and to maintain the surface well. Improving the security of a traditional patio can cause problems.

Actions such as climbing, jumping and running increase cardiovascular health, which is incredibly important in younger children. Many playgrounds also help improve children’s balance, hand / eye coordination and agility. In the past we also discussed the importance of playgrounds for people with different disabilities, for example autism spectrum disorder. In general, however, they help many children to improve their physical functioning in everyday life.

This is especially important in urban areas where there is not much vegetation. An investigation by Clemson and the state of North Carolina even showed how playgrounds and parks provide children and teens with a physical and emotional outlet. This safe escape plays an important role in reducing these crimes: when parks and courts are open later, juvenile delinquency is reduced. Indoor playgrounds are nice places where children can remain physically active without serious injury.

We are proud to offer play areas that improve the physical condition of children and promote brain-building activities and relationship building. With the Playworld team, school-aged children can enjoy fun physical activity and create memories, all from the safety of the schoolyard. A traditional park contains equipment made of brightly colored metal or plastic.

A) I don’t think it’s crazy because Cheryl says the smooth surface causes more injury. As Franz says, the security surface is a technical solution to a public safety problem. Technical solutions can work in factories, but in public life it is also necessary to consider behavioral responses that can eliminate any expected benefit. In my opinion, the epidemiological and economic case does not support the use of safety surfaces to prevent or reduce injuries. Yesterday I examined some of the images of Svane Frode looking for sand images, and I was again surprised by the number of game scenes he captured without fencing, arc or otherwise!

Playing risky in early childhood can help develop confidence, stamina, executive skills and even risk management skills. And Brussoni’s work in injury prevention research shows that participating in risky games can also reduce the risk of injuries. Despite some public insights, designing an accessible play area is not difficult or expensive.