A few reviewers noted a visible seam on the glasses, which they say isn’t a huge detraction, but if you’re looking for perfect uniformity, it’s something you’ll notice. If you really want to savor the taste of fine whiskey, you may want a set of Glencairn whiskey glasses. They feature a tulip shape that concentrates the aromas, making them perfect for fine scotch and other whiskeys. A short, stout base provides a durable foundation for setting this glass down on a bar or coffee table, while also allowing you to hold the glass without warming the spirits with your hand. Whether you’re a whiskey snob or only occasionally indulge in a nightcap of bourbon or scotch, it’s essential to know how to drink whiskey properly. It’s also good to know your options regarding the different vessels available to elevate your whiskey drinking experience.

With its thin stem and broad pedestal, it’s ideal for cradling whisky and warming it slightly if desired. The long stem means any harsh aromas are further from the drinker’s nose while the narrow rim and bolt shape concentrate the pleasing notes. It’s a glass used for thoroughly appreciating all that this spirit has to offer.

With a 13-ounce capacity, each cylindrically shaped glass offers ample room for a scotch and soda, pina colada, or any mixed drink of your choice. Whiskey glasses come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, ranging from a cylindrical whisky decanter crystal glass with a thick base to multisided geometric shapes, modern twist styles, and intricate crystal patterns. When choosing a set of whiskey glasses, it’s best to select a design that fits in with your existing bar glassware.

This elegance is amplified by the finely hand-cut crystal around the glass and on its base. They have their own barware set called Noblesse – which includes whiskey tumblers and carafe. They also have whisky glassware set called Aspen with a non-leaded decanter and whiskey tumblers, which by the way are made out of lead crystal. With whisky glasses there’s probably no harm done but if you want to be sure – buy lead-free glasses for your whiskey.

There are other snifter-style glasses that are not produced by Glencairn crystal glass company. Any short glass that is wider at the bottom than the top would also fall within this category. The wide bottom allows you to hold the glass and warm the whiskey, to release the aromas. They are really whiskey nosing glasses meant for serious tasting and enjoying quality scotch. They also bring up connotations of old men’s clubs where the powerful sat around drinking cognac or brandy. Similar to the Glencairn glass, the Tulip glass was designed to be the perfect glass for both nosing and tasting whiskey.

I also opened the mouth to make it a practical drinking glass,” he says. As you prepare to take a sniff, the way a glass concentrates and delivers aromas is another important consideration, determined largely by the size and shape of its mouth. Master blenders have traditionally used a stemmed nosing glass based on the copita, a glass designed for sherry.

This design, a result of nine years of tastings and studies, also points out any potential flaws within the liquid. Each glass comes in an elegant burgundy and silver box, making it a go-to gift. In fact, you could serve up pretty much any spirit, cocktail or mixed drink in these. Whisky lovers will be delighted to receive this nostalgic, vintage-style whisky glass set. It comes with six tumblers, which have a gorgeous pressed design, giving the same effect as cut crystal at a more affordable price. The set also includes a decanter, which has the same finish as the glasses, as well as a large glass stopper.