What You Can Expect From A Luxury Apartment

Large windows allow light to flood in and make your new luxury flat feel even more spacious – just make sure you’re not facing into any other buildings where your privacy could be hindered. That said, the definitive guidelines for luxury apartments aren’t set in stone. There are different levels of luxury that would allow for more units on the market to qualify for luxury status. You’ll find luxury apartments in newly constructed properties as well as elegantly renovated vintage buildings.

Get creative with the space you have and think of small additions that can easily increase the level of comfort for your residents, their convenience, and the property’s ultimate wow-factor. A unit that feels luxurious — from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen — can be an attractive perk for residents. Whether it’s hardwood floors or new appliances, offering these luxury in-unit apartment amenities can be an important part of drawing in prospective residents. From pool access and fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment to dog parks, the options are endless.

Having a doorman, an onsite security guard 24/7 or requiring a secure method of entry through key card access gives you the peace of mind that criminal activity is minimal to none. GFK, 57% of Millennial households own a pet, with an additional 20% reporting that they intend to eventually join the fray. If more than 1 in 2 young renters own a pet, you do yourself a massive disservice by prohibiting pets in your apartments. You effectively cut down your prospective market by half, since young people will inevitably pick their beloved dog or cat over your unit. It doesn’t matter how nice or luxurious the apartment is if their furry friend can’t enjoy it as well.

A Pilates studio, swimming pool with spa, dry saunas, and steam rooms are just some of the favorite niceties among fancy apartment buildings. You’ll often find security staff at the front desk or at the entrance to a gated community. 24-hour door staff is a valued amenity at city properties and residents expect smart locks and other modern security features. There are so many different pet-friendly amenities for you to offer residents. When deciding on one, consider which is the most cost-effective and what will bring the most ROI for your property. For example, a big perk for dog owners would be a private in-building dog park.

If you really want your residents to feel like they’re living in luxury, this is a great option to consider. A tricky question is what makes an apartment luxury because each apartment community will have its own answer. The simplest answer is that a luxury apartment is a high-end dwelling that goes above and beyond when satisfying your needs and wants.

You can exercise at your own convenience and in your own home without having to make time in your schedule to attend a public complex. If your gym is shared by your building, this could be a quiet and relaxed way of meeting your neighbours without the space feeling overcrowded. Given all the recent luxury apartment construction, differentiation is the key.

People also deem rental apartments as a temporary housing solution when they first move out or as a “starter home” for young families. If the name “luxury” isn’t enough to draw you in, there are plenty of other benefits of renting a luxury apartment. Many standard apartments have been listed as luxury apartments in recent years, but a true luxury apartment is much harder to find. Technically, true luxury apartments are those that would be impossible to rent for the vast majority of renters. Draper and Kramer’s portfolio of luxury properties offers tasteful design, popular amenities, and prestigious locations. Along Chicago’s Gold Coast, this may mean dazzling views of Lake Michigan.

Outdated kitchens are becoming a literal thing of the past with more and more property managers and landlords updating their rentals with modern, stainless steel appliances. And if you’re looking for another kitchen luxury, farmhouse sinks are the newest trend. If you’re new to the game, you could potentially make foolish mistakes and choose the wrong apartment. With that said, we’ll now take a look at some important things to consider when buying or renting a luxury apartment.

Artistic and romantic all at once, this is a classic item that continues to charm homes around the world. Today, new options are available for jetted tubs, which now include sound waves broadcast through water, effervescent air bubbles similar to champagne, and chromatherapy. For a more relaxing bath, there are other interesting amenities like sprays and shower heads and fixtures that mimic rainfall. Carefully consider the features that matter most, and look for luxury options that are a good fit for your needs. Don’t pay more for an apartment with a coffee bar in the clubhouse if you prefer to drink your morning coffee in the peace and quiet of your home.

In addition to being spacious, luxury apartments typically feature large windows and high ceilings. The cost to heat such as a space in winter and cool Off The Plan Apartments St Leonards it in the summer could result in a significant increase in utility costs. Luxury apartments typically have larger rooms than standard rental units.