Ventilation Circuit Tubes Critical Maintenance Tips

It is one of the most compact and lightweight stationary concentrators and provides a continuous flow of one to five liters per minute. Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator with pulse oxygen generator machine dose current: The Inogen One G4 produces its own oxygen supply using the surrounding air. It is the most portable oxygen hub today and is light and small enough to carry as a bag or bag.

You will find essential tips and suggestions to keep your portable oxygen hub below. Due to serious air pollution and the normal use of air conditioners, regular inhalation of oxygen and cleaning of the indoor air environment. It can clean and improve your respiratory system and improve the body’s extensive immunity to prevent various diseases. At YG Machinery we also sell a spray spray spray machine, an air disinfection machine, an auto-disinfection atomizer and a blu ray nano spray gun.

You can clean the room and take care of your health in all directions. If you are looking for an oxygen concentration machine for sale, an industrial oxygen generator, a nitrogen generator for sale, please leave your message. The oxygen-concentrating machine is a device that separates nitrogen and oxygen into the air through physical technology to obtain oxygen at a high concentration. It is often used in hospitals, nursing homes and other places.

When this was not enough, hospitals provided mechanical ventilation, with a plastic tube inserted through the trachea and vocal cords to provide oxygen-rich air. The fans helped by pushing more oxygen-rich air into the patient’s lungs. However, the batteries in the best products last at least 4 hours, especially in case the portable oxygen generator uses a single battery.

Keep a backup battery stored in case of power failure or travel delay. The Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator is one of the lightest and quietest units available for oxygen therapy today. Weighing just 2.8 pounds, this portable oxygen hub is easy to carry wherever you go.

An oxygen generator consists of two tanks filled with a sieve, which provides an oxygen concentration of 93% for all your equipment on site that uses oxygen. The oxygen generator uses pressure oscillation adsorption technology to create oxygen. During this process, oxygen is separated from components in the air.