Travel Tips

Buy from local markets to learn more about food in the area. Don’t plan because many new things seem to discover and make memories. Trying local food is one of the greatest travel experiences when you are abroad. We like to eat with our hands in India and Morocco. We love to spoon our food in Thailand and collect rice with chopsticks in Asia.

Look at flight search engines like StudentUniverse for a youth discount. Whatever happens, the best time to book is when you have the money and are ready to commit to your first international journey. Make sure you have departure flights for each country as many airlines do not allow you to board the aircraft on a one-way trip.

We can say with certainty that we are buying travel insurance. It all started with a five-week trip to Thailand in 2000. We fell in love with travel, but we’ve shark snorkeling compass cay marina bahamas had quite a few accidents over the years. From being transported from the Amazon to getting lost on the Swiss Rail, we made a lot of travel mistakes.

Thanks for the advice, yesterday I found your blog and I worked on some of your posts, I love how realistic you are. Flying from the Amazon post made me immediately renew my travel insurance, go!! Dave and Deb, my girlfriend and I love your lifestyle. Thanks to you, we have been traveling in Asia for 6 months. To be honest, I thought traveling with his girlfriend is a bad idea, but after all the experiences, this is the best way to travel.

By the way, I still wear the money belts, but only on the plane, because I feel I can sleep better. A tip that always costs me is to try new food while traveling. I want to know that food is good before I spend money or I think money is wasted. So what we started doing is buying an item that I know I will like and my husband is buying another item we want to try. That way we can share the food and at least I know I’m getting something I’ll like. If you are under 26, you can get flight discounts just because you are young!