While not the cheapest audio system, the Sony MHC-V11 offers impressive performance and usability. For this reason, it’s hard to find a model similar to this offering from Sony. The top speakers are built with the best materials that sometimes make them a bit heavier, but the audio quality is second to none. Often, when friends or musicians talk about party speakers, the only comparison is watts. Power is important, but it’s not the only factor affecting the quality of an active speaker.

On each dial at the top of the speaker is a knob that lets you turn the lights on and off and play and stop your audio. The 13-pound Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a party speaker reminiscent of the days of boomboxes and cassettes. It even has a USB-A port to charge your phone in a snap and 24 hours of playtime to boot up.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about your speaker dying, as the 6000mAH rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of playback time with music and lights on a single charge. The big advantage of Bluetooth speakers is their wireless connectivity. Virtually no cables are needed to connect the speaker to the music player. Adding a rechargeable battery also eliminates the need for a power cord.

However, this battery-powered speaker comes with a telescopic handle and wheels to help you get it to your next party. Line lights that change speaker rentals miami color in sync with music are integrated into the speaker. The sound output isn’t as powerful as you’d expect from party speakers.

That said, compared to the JBL PartyBox 310, we noticed that bass levels start to peak at higher volumes. Compared to the JBL PartyBox 310, the SOUNDBOKS 2 is equally noisy and delivers extremely powerful bass in outdoor mode. This speaker is incredibly durable and waterproof and splash-proof, and it’s definitely a speaker designed to last. That said, it lacks the dazzling lights the PartyBox 310 has to offer and JBL’s karaoke features. As for the sound quality, it’s really noisy and very heavy, exactly what you want for a party.

The superior 40-hour battery life ensures your guests can party all night long. This large party speaker offers a thumping sound profile with its first-level Bass Boost feature and can produce the punch and rumble typically present in heavy bass music like EDM or hip hop. You can customize your sound profile to your liking, thanks to the graphic equalizer displayed in your companion app. It can also be strong enough to fill large crowded spaces and can be even stronger while plugged into a power source.

Also, many of these speakers can be synced with other speakers in a multiroom-like system, so you can actually play sound in your backyard. At a mid-range price, the ION model has a premium design for volume and bass optimization. It includes an 8-inch woofer, a wide dispersion tweeter, a 100W amplifier and a bass booster function. This creates a great sound that can vibrate in a large outdoor space for any type of party. The 710 supports Bluetooth connectivity and additional playback and can also accept up to 2 microphones or electrical instruments.

You can also charge your mobile phone via the USB output on the back of the speaker. The JBL PartyBox Encore Essential is a compact portable party speaker with 100W sound, deep bass and LED lighting with a strobe effect. It is IPX4 splash-proof and offers up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge. These speakers include built-in colored line lights that change color over time with the music you play. It has a built-in microphone input for memorable karaoke nights with family and friends. In addition, this bluetooth speaker is multifunctional, as it has Bluetooth wireless technology, AM/FM radio capabilities, an AUX connection and even a microphone input.