As a result, wooden doors, if you have enough time, give up the ghost. Although fiberglass doors are relatively new in the list of door materials, they are known for being extremely sturdy and safe. They are also the most energy efficient of the three materials discussed here.

The stain also highlights the grain of the wood, which contributes to the rustic look of the log cabin. If you own a home that enjoys lots of natural light, consider investing in a glass door. Well-made glass doors can be permanent front and back door options for your home.

Nevertheless, for the sake of discussion, it is useful to look at the doors according to their primary facial material. The choice of wood, fiberglass or steel as a surface material has the greatest impact on the appearance, cost, durability and safety of a door. Aesthetics: Steel exterior doors do not offer the same range of finishing options as fiberglass doors. Steel is available almost exclusively in spot and lacquer colors and cannot imitate the appearance of wood. This makes steel doors popular for garages and side entrances.

Or would you like to redesign your current front door and explore your options? Regardless of your situation, finding the perfect front door that will provide the right level of security and aesthetics to your home can be a difficult task. There are a wide variety of door types and materials to suit your preferences, style and budget. The trick is to find an entrance door that suits your needs and those of your home. Between iron doors, glass doors and wooden doors, it can be a challenging task to narrow down your options. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of each of these options.

It is naturally weather-resistant and therefore ideal for outdoor projects or furniture. On the other hand, it is one of the softest hardwoods on the market, which makes it easier to dent than woods How to Choose a Wood Door like cherry and walnut. Solid core doors are a temporary construction method in which a thin-surface wood veneer is glued over a solid core made of wood materials such as fiberboard or masonite.

For this reason, even the simplest options can be quite overwhelming due to the endless number of things you can choose from. There are several materials to choose from when it comes to door frames. Since about 70% of homes in the United States are single-family homes, you should choose a material that you plan to use throughout the house. Exterior wooden doors usually use a solid wood construction for strength and safety. For a 3-foot-by-6-foot-8-inch six-panel pine door, you can expect to pay $600 or more; hardwoods are more expensive.

Poplar is grown in the eastern half of the USA and Canada and is an ideal type of wood for homeowners who want high quality without a high price. It is often used to make furniture and cabinets, but it is also a good choice for custom exterior doors. Western Red Cedar is grown in the Pacific Northwest and is a beautiful species of wood with a reddish-brown color and straight grain with a coarse texture. It is the perfect type of wood for homeowners who are looking for a proven classic that offers impressive and long-lasting aesthetic value. Mahogany is more durable, stronger and more stable than its oak counterparts. Its hardness makes it ideal for almost any use, as well as its ability to color and take paint well.

With wood, steel and fiberglass options, choosing the right exterior doors for your home can be intimidating. Whether you’re updating your entryway or replacing a back door, this helpful guide can help you decide which type of door is perfect for your home. At Home Depot, Masonite offers only three families of fiberglass entrance doors.