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  • Water Hose Holder Quality

    Cable hose reels are a method of keeping workspaces free of clutter and providing ample cable storage. They are designed for high durability, but provide easy access to cables, ropes or wires. Cable hose reels can be spring, motor or crank driven for retracting cables or cables. 4 foot treated pole, 1×6 treated cut to […]

  • 10 Tips For Beginners Of White Water Rafting

    We also rent sloops from neoprene to keep your feet warm and roasted. My husband and I have just returned from whitewater rafting at the Royal Gorge in Colorado. Echo Canyon River Expeditions expertly guided us through the 1000-meter-high walls on either side of the Arkansas River. This was a fairly adrenaline-inducing performance for both […]

  • 9 Tips To Avoid Water Damage To Your Home

    Good to know that you have to replace porous materials like wood, carpets and drywall after your house has been flooded. A house my father recently rented was flooded because the water heater started to leak and did not catch up quickly enough. The first type is “clean” rain water, condensation, pipe leaks, etc. But […]