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  • Gas Turbines: Definition, Applications, Work, Components, Types, Design, Benefits PDF

    For example, Mitsubishi Hitachi’s energy system, M501JAC, a combined cycle unit of 57 MW, showed a thermal efficiency of 64%. Similarly, the GE-9HA.02, an 826 MW combined cycle motor, also achieved a thermal efficiency of more than 64%. Siemens, another turbine seal engine manufacturer, predicts that its H-L-class gas turbine will have an efficiency of […]

  • Definition Of Salary Receipt

    Hours and amounts must be reported for both this specific payment period and the total fiscal year to date, often abbreviated as “YTD”. This section must also include the hourly rate that the employee has earned. A pay slip has various financial details about the employee’s salary, taxes and other contributions. Proof of payment or […]