In short, whatever you think, it is easier to read. And since it can contain thousands of e-books, it’s best to motivate yourself to say that you always have a stack of books around you to read. One of the hobbies shared by many people around the world is reading. Books can evoke imagination, emotions and inform us about fictional or factual events. With genres such as horror, thriller, excitement, crime and romance, books are always present. Studies have shown that reading books really makes us smarter.

Discuss with others what you liked from the novel or how you couldn’t bear the tension. It will encourage you to read things that you normally wouldn’t do and that you would never know, you can find a genre that you love but have always thrown away. Often the idea of even trying to finish a multi-chapter novel can be intimidating after buying a new book. You can finish a story as fast or as slow as you want. In addition to remaining responsible, you also create personal goals to maintain your favorite rhythm. This may seem like 20 pages a day, two chapters a week or finish the book at the end of the month.

There are hidden minutes in every corner of the day and they add up to many minutes. If you’ve put the tips in this guide into practice but find it hard to keep going, an effective tool you can use to maintain your motivation is to track your progress. Initially, Clear recommends not to mark every book you read or to strive for an overly ambitious goal, such as reading a certain number of books per month or per year. Much better, he says, is to apply his “two minute rule” and follow a more modest performance, like recording every day that he manages to read only one page or just five minutes. It can be adapted to its own levels, the most important thing is to choose a realistic and easily attainable goal in the early stages and to follow its success by achieving it. The next preparatory step is to look at your environment.

Reading is reading, all genres are important and real. Anyone who says otherwise is on a high horse that will fall when it grows up and can no longer read a physical book, but can rely on audiobooks. And let’s not start a discussion about whether graphic novels, fanfiction, bloody pulp thrillers or bodice rippers can even be considered suitable books in themselves. About 60 percent of the books I read are audiobooks and the best part is that I never have to change my schedule or squeeze more reading time when the book is really good. I just keep working on my instrument, collecting data or editing my numbers, while discovering if Mia will survive the Chronicles of Nevernight (don’t tell me, I still have six hours from the audiobook!).

If you are one of these people, opening a book could be something to do if you have nothing else, which is almost never the case. It is as if at some point you have decided, probably without consciously thinking, that while you love books, reading books is indeed the least important thing in your life: you will squeeze it if you can. And if you cling to the remains of a book reading habit, I bet you keep it before the end of the day, or maybe just when you’re on vacation. If you read as much as I do, join my Facebook group of more than 12,000 entrepreneurs. We have just started a monthly book club, where I will choose a book to read during the month. We plan to have discussions and learn to share.

Establishing a special reading time will make reading a habit and ensure that you read for at least an hour every day. I like to read in the morning, so I get up a little earlier and leave minutes to read my book; It’s a great way to start the day! “Or sometimes at night, when I can’t put my tired eyes on licking the pages after a particularly tired day, nothing makes my heart happier than listening to an audiobook while I’m locked in a warm blanket. “. get paid to read books Another idea to help you increase your reading habit is to think about your social world. Just as making prominent books in your physical and digital environment will lay the foundation for further reading, your social environment is also important, especially for deepening and maintaining the habit. If none of your close family or friends read books, reading is only a private activity, separate from your personal relationships and squeezed around you.

Put this into practice in your own life by reading with a friend, roommate or family member, near or far; If you live in different houses, you can text when you start and register when your chapter ends. You can also try audiobooks if you are looking for ways to mix your daily walks, because yes, listening to an audiobook counts as reading! Think of that audiobook as a companion for walking and talking; pretend you’re on a leisurely walk with Jessica Simpson or Michelle Obama reading your memories. Go on a road trip or fly to see friends or family? Choose an audiobook instead of watching a movie on the plane or listening to a podcast.

You can stop reading at any time without errors. “If you don’t like a book, stop reading,” says Hudson. I think average books take 8-12 hours to finish, but I read in short minutes. If I could sit for 4 hours straight, I would probably finish a book every 2 days. If only I could train my brain to focus on reading for so long. As a busy student, I’ve been in 333 books so far this year and I think I’ll have time for a few more (and I don’t count the books I read for homework and I don’t want to resume my account).

How easy it is to take a book on paper or digitally and start reading? “The more friction it is, the easier it is to pick it up,” says Clear. When reading books is your livelihood or essential to fulfill your responsibilities, it becomes the priority that the rest of life should bend around.

By 2020, I look forward to challenging Reading Women and removing a large number of books from my collection. Also, don’t avoid reading books at the same time. I love mixing multiple books of different genres in multiple media (happy switching between physical copies, e-books and audiobooks), or juggling with required reading and reading pleasure. This really helped me, someone with ADHD who has the focus of a commercial failure, to get through my TBR stack faster. As someone who likes to read, it can be difficult to find the time, especially if I enrolled in graduate school. The first few months were so shocking: I loved the academic challenge and the rigorous work of the course, but all my free time was suddenly over.