Industrial Powder Coating Equipment, Systems And Supplies

There are two main methods used by manufacturers and suppliers of finishing services: electrostatic deposition and fluidized bed powder coating. Having the best tools for the job is an important part of providing high quality service and a powder coating application. The best tools for powder coating work include job pre-treatment, application and curing equipment. With the right commercial powder coating systems or industrial dust coating equipment and supplies for each of these phases, any dust coating company can thrive. In this article, we look at the different types of powder coating equipment needed for a powder coating company, or even a store at home, to ensure that each application works the best way. We also list suppliers and manufacturers of powder coating equipment in the UK

A coating company can be expensive to start due to the dust coating costs of the equipment involved, especially for more professional projects. To recycle your powder, make sure that your powder spray booth is built with a recovery system. This can be very cost effective if you plan to use only one color and type of powder for your coating. The powder used is stuck in the filters and is then turned off in a recovery container for reuse. In more advanced systems, the powder is automatically overhauled, mixed with new powder and then returned to the stockhopper that drives the powder gun.

Preparation is the first step in the process and perhaps the most important. This step determines how well the powder coating adheres to the metal surface and there are several options for cleaning and preparing the surface. The use of a degreaser and / or phosphate rinse is ideal, followed by a quick rinse with water. The powder is then applied with the spray gun and the curing starts immediately afterwards. The powder painting pre-treatment equipment can be purchased separately or you can purchase an automatic pre-treatment powder coating machine that does the job in 30 minutes!

Powder coating is the process of coating certain metal types with powdered paint. The piece is sprayed or immersed in dust, which is electrostatically charged. The surface is mainly used to coat aluminum parts, cars and bicycles and is durable and produces thicker coatings than is possible with liquid paint. After your product is dusty, the last step is to place it in a specially designed powder curing oven. Coated products are exposed to accurately heated air for a certain period of time. Once the curing process is complete, the parts are removed and cooled before being treated.

The higher the KVs you apply to dust, the greater the appeal it will have for the product surface. Higher KVs help you avoid excessive dust waste and offer more flexibility when it comes to tackling dust coating situations such as coating and similar applications. Since you are in the powder coating industry, you must purchase spray equipment suitable for the volume of parts you expect to produce. Your spray equipment must have a cabin where the parts are covered and spray guns that perform the powder spray action.

From simple powder coating systems and applicator guns to bulk feed systems and high-tech programmable technologies, Nordson has covered it with leading powder coating equipment. Explore our extensive product list below to find the tools you need and visit our fabric coating supplies page for more information, including white papers and case stories. The equipment you need to start a powder coating business includes a powder coating spray booth to coat parts, spray guns to spray over the coating and a curing furnace.

The cab must have adequate ventilation and exhaust pipes for safe escape from vapors, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor. We offer multi-stage rings, manual or automatic blasting, forced air drying ovens, manual or automated dust coating booths, convection and IR curing ovens and passive or active cooling stations. We offer monorail conveyor belts with air chain and chain drive and floor-mounted track systems.