Ahora que sabe un poco sobre la tecnología, el calentamiento por infrarrojos es la opción obvia para mantener a su familia y su hogar lo más saludables posible. Algunos modelos de calentadores infrarrojos también son bastante elegantes! Air & Water ofrece muchos calentadores infrarrojos con un acabado de madera similar a un mobiliario que complementa la mayoría de la decoración.

A typical infrared heater consumes 40% less energy than traditional shapes. You cannot beat the feeling of warmth when the sun shines on your skin and that is exactly what you get with infrared heaters. Infrared heating does not cause air to move because the air does not warm up. Therefore, switching to infrared heaters can help alleviate indoor air quality problems. Although infrared heaters, like solar heat, create radiant heat, they do not emit harmful UV light. Infrared heaters only emit infrared remotely, which is a kind of healthy heating radiation.

Industries benefit from infrared heaters because they can perform various processes, such as drying, curing, printing and thermoforming. In medicine, infrared heaters are used in physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation. Esto es mediante el uso de un método conocido como calentamiento de zona.

These radiators work by emitting convection currents together with small amounts of infrared radiation. When the radiator is on, the air around it warms up, expands and moves upwards. Then create a vacuum that draws the colder air from above and brings it closer to the radiator. Founded in 2011, Sundirect has a distribution center in Europe and is associated with a large network of distributors in Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Asia. We offer a wide range of energy efficient smart infrared heating panels for indoor use and powerful outdoor heaters. It is also an energy efficient technology, with some units using only 300 W of electricity.

In these cases, infrared heaters are undoubtedly the most efficient heating systems on the market. They take only 40% of the energy required from electric convection heaters to produce the same level of heat comfort. Infrared heating is a heating method used to heat the surrounding bodies best infrared heaters by infrared radiation. Thermal energy is transferred directly to a body with a lower temperature via electromagnetic waves in the infrared region. The surrounding air is not heated and is not involved in heat transfer; This makes infrared heaters energy efficient, convenient and healthy.

However, it will not do much to increase the overall temperature of your home. This can cause dry or irritable skin and other problems, such as attacks by the immune system and disease. It is also worth noting that if you have had a dust allergy in the past or have had problems with convection heaters, infrared heaters will alleviate all reactionary complaints. The infrared region was discovered in the early 19th century by Sir William Herschel, a British-German astronomer.