Dental Exam

If your teeth are susceptible to tooth decay, you may receive a fluoride treatment. The dentist may also recommend other preventive treatments, such as a fluoride varnish or a dental sealant. Periodontitis can result from plaque and tartar build-up along the gum line that is not treated for too long. Chewing gum disease can be prevented by good oral care at home and smart nutritional options (p. E.g., limited sugar intake), but dental check-ups are also important.

Your dentist also measures periodontal bags: the spaces between the top of the gum line and where soft tissue puts a tooth in place. Periodontal bags of more than three millimeters can be a sign of gum disease . A patient who cleans his teeth in Willowbrook Park Dental, a member of the 123 dental clinic. Now that you have shared your health problems, you can start working in your mouth.

It is often much easier to treat dental problems in their early stages, so the importance of early detection cannot be emphasized enough. The dentist’s findings often determine which other treatments you need during the visit. Finally, the dentist can help inform the patient about ways to improve their home care routine Dentist Office Near Me to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile between dental check-ups. The patient is also encouraged to ask any questions they have about their oral health. Regular dental exams play an essential role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but millions of people in the US are never seen a dentist from year to year.

Deep gum bags, for example, are a serious sign of periodontal disease, but it is difficult to detect through an oral home examination. The idea of preventive dentistry is to prevent dental caries, gum disease and other oral health problems from occurring. The sooner you can detect tooth decay, the sooner you can start your dentist to save your teeth. Preventive dentistry costs less because you have to work less to repair your teeth. Hygienists are trained dentists who provide routine dental care, such as regular cleaning, and assist dentists in other procedures.

Also known as peeling and brushing roots, this eliminates the accumulation of tartar, debris and bacteria under the gums, causing inflammation of the gums. Failure to address inflammation and infection of the gums or gingivitis can progress rapidly and lead to more serious stages of gum disease, including loss of teeth and bones. With regard to adult family members, routine dental exams, checks and cleaning work are important habits to start and maintain your entire life. As the teeth age, the enamel becomes thin and weak, making the tooth more susceptible to tooth decay.

They are an integral part of any dental practice and form a large part of the team that works to maintain your oral health at its best. The next part of the dental examination procedure will monitor your gums closely. The dentist will visually inspect them for signs of inflammation and bleeding. A small probe can be used to measure the depth of the gum bags and to check if your gums are bleeding when the light is touched with the probe. If you have gum problems, deep professional cleaning may be recommended and your dentist may also prescribe special toothpaste that may reduce further gum damage. For more advanced gum problems, your dentist can refer you to a periodontist for a specialized dental examination and cleaning.