8 Magical Things To Do At Night In Luxor!

While the Egyptian Antiquities Museum is undoubtedly a favorite among visitors, it has reached its best moment. The current Egyptian museum is a bit small, both in terms of being able to handle the visitor volume and the lack of artifact capacity. New discoveries are made regularly and the Egyptian Antiquities Museum does not have the space to store them, which means that thousands of artifacts are hidden in storage. Some in different sizes, styles and different levels of conservation, but each has something unique and special to offer. Of course you don’t have time to visit them all during your 2021 luxury tour in Egypt, so these are some of the “must-see”. Another remarkable museum is the Luxor Museum, which dominates the Nile River.

If you want to experience the coolest temperatures in Luxor, you have to plan your plan to be in winter, although prices get really high that season. The fact that you will find hordes of tourists everywhere. It is entirely up to you to choose the most suitable time to enjoy your holiday in Luxor and we will offer you the maximum limit of exceptional services at any time to plan a successful city tour with a thousand doors. The periods mentioned represent shoulder seasons in Egypt and are strongly characterized by small crowds, really affordable prices for tours and accommodation. You can take a balloon ride over the necropolis of Theban at sunrise. Temple hop in Luxor and Karnak (I recommend opening time at 6am).

From sailing on the Nile, dining with traditional Egyptian food or seeing the mask of the golden death of King Tutankhamun? Here are 11 reasons why you should consider one of our holiday packages in Egypt in 2021. Enjoy the ancient history of the Valley of Quad Bike Desert Safaris in Hurghada the Queens on a full-day tour with stops in the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut. This half-day private tour takes you to the Luxor Museum and the Mummification Museum, and you have a personal Egyptologist guide to provide more information.

Both sites can be very busy and planning your tour sooner or later in the day can help avoid crowds. You can also visit at night when the whole complex is lit with a golden glow. The hypostyle colonnade in the Temple of Luxor is particularly evocative when viewed under a canopy of stars. We can organize a private tour of both sites on the East Bank of Luxor. We have over 10 years of experience in holiday planning and our staff are the most professional operators, guides and drivers who spend all their time and effort creating the perfect holiday.

Also visit other important royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Queens and be amazed by the great wonder of the Karnak temples and stroll through the many columns. Your Egyptologist guide will be with you to take you back in time to discover the ancient mythology of these great sights. Enjoy an aerial view of Luxor and its iconic sights on this 45-minute private balloon flight. Your pilot / guide is dedicated only to you and your private party; You can ask questions and listen to comments tailored to your interests.

This subtle yet attractive lighting has made visiting the Temple of Luxor one of the best attractions of Luxor Egypt at night. From the huge pillars of the Karnak Temple to the mummified remains of the boy King Tutankhamun, there are more places to visit in Luxor than seems possible for a city of less than half a million people. This majestic city offers everything a traveler can expect to Egypt. Whether you want to spend a day in Luxor or more, these are the things to include in your Luxor route.