It’s a bit desperate, but it’s also a great trick if you want to negotiate higher rates. Sometimes speaking honestly about money is difficult and helps the good policeman play with the appearance wedding dj & live music boston ma of a reserve agent. Turn a friend into your manager or even create a new email account and do it all online?. By having that degree of separation, you can negotiate better rates.

What’s the point of having 10,000 followers if only a few get involved?? Worry about the 500 fans you have now, not the 10,000 followers you would like. The Mixes and Productions section of the DJTT forums can be a good starting point for feedback. You should ask people you don’t know about comments about your mix. Start by placing links to them in communities frequented and experienced listeners who have no idea who you are. Send them to experienced DJs in your city who have been running longer than they have lived, and see if they can give you constructive comments.

Make sure you have hidden at least 6-9 months of savings as times will be difficult from the start. But you will learn and grow from this battle, and you will be more driven to succeed than people with full-time desk jobs. People may call you crazy, but you have to go out and prove they are wrong. I hope your friends and family support your decision. Ever noticed how most parties’ non-leading line-ups consist of DJs who are also promoters?

If we don’t reserve someone for you, our service is free. Space requirements may vary depending on the equipment they supply. Most DJs provide a high-quality sound system, a DJ cabin and a small lighting platform. As a guide, we recommend giving approximately 2 x 2 meters of space to the DJ to install. A good EPK contains some of your best photos, a short biography, some of your best songs or mixes, social media and contact details.

Here you work together with an established producer and act as director and person of ideas. They do all the leg work and just sit, listen and direct the style of the track! It’s the fastest way to get your first song and get more concerts, but it won’t be cheap with the daily rates of £ 250. Versatility can also be applied to different DJ skills.