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  • 15 Ways To Protect Your Business From A Cyber Attack!

    Knowing what sets these two categories apart can help you better identify the threat. The following is a breakdown of four factors that differentiate a cyberattack from a cyber crime. It’s not a good decision to use only one level of user authentication with today’s level of hacking, especially for big companies. Voice recognition, fingerprint […]

  • 12 Simple Cybersecurity Tips To Better Protect Your Data

    By informing yourself about the little things that contribute to cybersecurity, it can make a major contribution to protecting your organization. The average cost of a cyber attack is 3.86 million DoD CMMC and the cumulative total for global cybercrime is expected to cost $ 6 billion. If you don’t pay to train your employees […]

  • Tips To Protect The Laptop In The Backpack From Damage Or Theft

    Due to the sleek nature of laptop sleeves, they generally do not protect against a robust backpack or suitcase. Perhaps the main advantage of using a laptop case is the damage protection of such devices. Laptops are often complex and expensive computers that need to be handled carefully to have a laptophoezen long life. If […]