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  • Vitamin K2 Foods And Benefits

    Further research conducted using other vitamins, such as MK-7, would allow comparison with existing results and a definitive conclusion could be drawn on its use to treat hypoparathyroidism. Due to its properties in reducing vascular calcification, there is a possibility that hyperparathyroidism natural vitamin k2 is also treated with vitamin K2 due to the prevention […]

  • 25 Protein-rich, Low-carbohydrate Foods

    It makes it a very healthy snack with few carbohydrates. Healthy Homemade Superfood Trail Mix A trail mix is made by combining a variety of dried fruits and nuts. Chocolate and grains are sometimes added to add flavor. The protein content depends on the types of dried fruit used. Snacks are an easy way to […]

  • How To Cook Healthy Foods With Less Fat And Calories

    With this technique you can maintain the bright colors of vegetables and preserve their nutrients. Research suggests that the antioxidant activity in some vegetables, such as beets, peppers, green beans and spinach, may increase during the cooking process because oxidative enzymes are deactivated. Meat is a very good protein source, but it is also very […]