Keep your refrigerated food, including meat, cheese, gourmet dishes and other products, protected from radiant heat with barrier film thermal boxes. The low emissivity of aluminum reflects radiant heat and thus reduces heat transfer from the outside of the package, while the products remain cooled inside. Our materials have been proven to keep products within the temperature window required for 48-hour door-to-door shipping. We also manufacture thermal box liners specifically for your existing box size with no minimum order requirements.

The pharmaceutical segment is the fastest growing in the world due to the growing trade in pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other medicines. The global pharmaceutical industry is investing heavily in cold pharmaceutical packaging solutions. According to Pharmaceutical Commerce’s annual Biopharmaceutical Cold Chain sourcebook, biopharmaceutical companies spent an estimated $15 billion on cold chain logistics in 2019. Temperature monitoring is an essential process in cold chain logistics to keep product quality intact. Leading manufacturers, in cooperation with cold chain logistics specialists, are focusing on the development of new products that can efficiently solve the technical problems that often arise during cold chain transportation.

Logistics juggles delivery time, distance and used containers with the requirements of the products shipped. The complexity of handling large shipments or deliveries around the world often requires partnerships with external logistics companies with expertise in cold chain transportation. The cold chain provides a shipping method that keeps food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products within the required temperature range to maintain their integrity. Special containers and shipping methods can help keep these products fresh during transportation. Cold chain management minimizes the risk of temperatures exceeding safe values during storage or transportation. As a result, validated, ready-to-use or customized protective packaging options continue to evolve for all temperature ranges, including controlled room temperature, refrigerated, frozen and cryogenic.

We offer a wide range of products for temperature-controlled shipments, including gel/coolant packages for insulated magazines and bags for EPS mold coolers and insulated pallet magazines. We also have cold temperature packing tapes and stretch films, as well as temperature indicators. At TPC Packaging Solutions, we are committed Styrofoam coolers to helping our customers find the perfect thermal control packaging solutions for their needs. With more than 50 years of experience in the packaging industry, TPC experts are able to develop high-quality cold chain packaging solutions for everything from food and products to pharmaceuticals and temperature-sensitive chemicals.

3D barrier bags can manufacture thermal box liners specifically for your existing box size with no minimum order requirements. We can also manufacture thermal covers for pallets to keep the full range of products within the required temperatures during transport. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the testing, manufacturing and transportation of pharmaceutical products largely depend on the controlled and uncompromising transmission of shipments. A large part of the pharmaceutical products that move along the cold chain are in the experimental or development phase.