Please note that you can claim a phone failure if your mobile device has been LOST or ROVATED. Simply fill out the online form and make the lost phone searchable worldwide. For all of the reasons mentioned above, the IMEI number is a very reliable method of identifying, blocking, stealing or losing mobile phones. Each mobile phone has an international identity number for mobile devices, which serves as a unique identifier for this device . There are no two cell phones with the same IMEI The international identity number for mobile devices is a unique ID or serial number that all mobile phones and smartphones have.

If a device has been stolen, a person can contact their service provider and ask them to block the phone from their network. This freight forwarder or MVNO then adds the blocked IMEI number to released data records, e.g. Since practically all networks use CEIR and related systems, the phone is quickly “frauded” worldwide. This includes more than just iPhones or Android devices.

For an iPhone, click phone number under your device name or device model to find IMEI / MEID and ICID. Click serial number for an iPad to find CDN, IMEI / MEID and ICID Make sure in the Finder that you are on the General tab. On iTunes, click the Summary tab to view your information. If you contact Apple for support, you can identify your device with the serial number or IMEI / MEID number.

If you already have access to your phone, you can find in our comprehensive instructions how to easily find the IMEI number of your devices. The IMEI number is really printed on your hardware. Your cell phone; and also within the phone software, which makes it almost impossible to change it. If your phone has a replaceable battery, the IMEI or MEID number can be printed on a sticker on the back of the phone behind the replaceable battery.

On some phones you may need to touch the system or general to find the “On the phone” or “About the device” option. A list of the devices registered in the account and their IMEI numbers is then displayed If you have an iPhone 5 or a newer iPhone, the IMEI is also engraved on the back.

The IMEI number must be printed on a sticker somewhere in the sales box. For some phones, the IMEI number is printed on the back, while you can also find it under the interchangeable battery cover if you have an older device. The IMEI number is also written on the SIM card compartment on some telephones. A serial number is a unique number that is assigned by the manufacturer to a single device such as a telephone, a tablet, a television, etc. to identify. For example, the serial number of your phone differs from any other phone created by Samsung.

If you check the IMEI numbers in Swappa, you can immediately see how much the device sells on our market. This way you can know whether you will get as much as possible or whether you would do better by listing or buying the same model about us. When buying a used phone, make sure that the police have not been informed as LOST / STOLEN and that the IMEI number is not blacklisted.

There are several places where you can check whether the serial number or IMEI / MEID can be displayed Tap the copy number to include this information in Apple registration or support forms. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and want to maintain this device for years, you should make sure that it is protected from all angles. These are the best screensavers for the Galaxy S20 FE that you can get today.

In some cases, the number can even be used to track a particular device and return it to its rightful owner. Why should you have to check the IMEI number???? The number is useful if you want to send the device for the service to fill out the warranty forms. In addition, if you want to report a stolen or lost phone to the police or network operator, you should also use the IMEI number. After that, you can lock your phone and render the device unusable regardless of whether the SIM card is changed or withdrawn. What is really important is that IMEI contains some secret information about the product, but sometimes you can find the smartphone.