A problem found recently is issued here as “high contrast interference”. When a high brightness pattern shows low brightness neighborhood patterns, color change or decrease in brightness occurs in the low brightness pattern due to mutual interference of the output channels. Think of the screen as a giant computer monitor because it displays the images for which the program is running. One of the most common malfunctions of LED displays is a communication error by the driver. Something has interrupted the signal that tells the screen what it should display. Check all connections, make sure they are safe, and then run a check on the controller to make sure it works.

But at the same time, the biggest challenge for outdoor advertising LED panels is power consumption. For this situation, if your budget is enough, the energy-saving LED display is your best choice. Or if you want to know how to calculate power consumption and learn more about energy-saving LED panels, please contact us. Problem 6, a large part of the LED screen shows no image or video and everything is black. Now many installed indoor LED screens with magnets are wall-mounted. Use a vacuum magnet tool to vacuum out and replace the LED module.

In fact, many of the most common LED display problems stem from one main cause: energy. If your LED sign isn’t getting enough power, you may run into all sorts of problems. Versa LED scrolling signs are the most versatile of our signs. Provide a simple one-line scroll screen that displays sales or informs the public where to park. Our products are widely used in the spectacle of picturesque events and various occasions of fixed video advertising. Problem 3, there are sporadic pixels with no illumination all over the LED screen, also called black dots or dead LEDs.

We look forward to offering you the most creative and reliable LED advertising display solutions on the market. The LED screen is full of bright lines, the reason is that the computer crashes or shuts down, restarts the computer. Flashing red means unidentified, Check that the LED module is at the same power as the test card OR A short circuit in the LED module interface caused the interface to be unrecognizable. LED displays are great for spreading your message, sharing information, and promoting your brand. They capture the attention of viewers with size, color and eye-catching images. However, an LED display is a machine and, like any machine, can break down and not work properly.

It’s important that you choose a provider that specifies the correct pixel step for the viewing distance. Overspecifying the hue may cost more, but if the pixel pitch is too large, it can reduce visual quality. For local and state governments, the brightness of your screen can be a major security issue. Too clear a signal can distract drivers and make driving at night more difficult. Check that your LED display has automatic dimming power to lower the brightness of the screen based on the ambient light, for example, by minimizing the brightness at night. In terms of avoiding noise, LED advertising has a slight advantage over the perimeter LED sign.

The internal components of the transparent LED display are also the hottest electronic components, such as LED lamp beads, controller integrated circuits, power transformers, etc. If you are curious about the use of the LED screen as an outdoor billboard and want more information, we invite you to contact us. You can fill in the form below, our team of experts will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

Off-premise signage creates new opportunities for digital advertising to generate recurring revenue in Las Vegas. Depending on where your outdoor digital awning board is located, you may need to consider how it performs in hot or cold temperatures, as well as rain, snow, wind, dust or humidity. In these cases, the design of your screen and case is critical to the continuous operation of LEDs and their longevity. The led screens special design of our modules allows significant savings even up to 40-50%; Our tests also guarantee a stable product with very little maintenance. When you upgrade from static signage to dynamic LED, your organization can instantly update ad messages and attract customers with vivid images. With interactive displays, LED video walls and storefronts, retailers can attract more customers and encourage transactions.