You can even have your notes on your side during the interview to make sure you don’t miss anything crucial. Podcast episode that just shares your post. Think of all the golden ideas you shared in the episode! You can recycle the theme and create videos with tips from the episode. You can also start talking about the episode live and then share the link to your post. Chances are you won’t be appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience or The Tim Ferriss Show anytime soon.

But having your own podcast can also be extremely effective. If you can spend the time building your own podcast, offering a guest exchange can be a very attractive offer for other podcast hosts who also want to grow their audience. Also, if you have your own podcast, this suggests that you probably have good recording equipment and will be an easy guest. Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly.

The most reputable podcast hosts list you as a guest on their website and link to your personal brand website. If they’re an established podcast leader with significant website traffic and domain authority, a link from their website to yours will give your search engine results a Podcast booking agency valuable boost. Start considering podcast ideas now so you’re ready when podcast trends start shifting to what’s important to your audience! An easy approach is to just take current events or things that have happened recently in popular culture and create episodes around them.

But it takes a lot of valuable time, especially during the research phase. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated platform to streamline the entire process. is a free online booking service that connects podcasters with ideal guests. You can find lists of relevant speaking opportunities with a few clicks.

You don’t have to reach millions of listeners for guest podcasting to deliver results. Otherwise, we got to a point where we were where I was getting 20 to 25 pitches a week. And this is what will happen to my aspiring podcasters out there.