It may not seem like much when you plant, but the size of your potato crop will surprise you. If you want to know how to plant seed potatoes in the ground, the first step is to pay attention to the depth and distance of your seed potato pieces. The hole or trench should be 4 to 5 centimeters deep. If you plan to plant multiple rows, place the rows 18 to 24 inches apart. If your outdoor space isn’t equipped to plant in the ground, or if you don’t have healthy soil, you won’t have to settle for a potato-free harvest.

The more you drive, the more productive your harvest will be. Potatoes are thickened underground stems called tubers. For proper tuber development, potatoes need deep, loose, well-drained soil that is free of stones. Plant tubers directly in the garden after the danger of strong frosts. Plant them with your eyes up, 2 to 3 inches deep and 10 to 12 inches apart in rows that are 2 feet apart. The buds of developing tubers should not be exposed to sunlight, otherwise they will turn green.

In general, you can start harvesting your vegetable garden about two to three weeks after the plants have finished flowering. After the vines are extinguished, the potato is fully ripe. Once they’re done, lightly dig around the plant to remove the potato.

For many gardeners, this is about 2 weeks after the last spring frost. But aware that early crops can be ruined by soil that is too wet, because potato seeds will rot. Pay more attention to the soil than to the calendar to determine the planting time. The soil should not be so wet that it sticks and is difficult to work. If you have a late and wet spring, you can plant later, until April or even June, especially in containers. Potatoes are easy to grow, store well in winter and provide a nutritious addition to meals.

They can be planted directly in the ground; they can be planted in containers; and can be planted under straw. Rotate crops so that your potatoes are not planted in the same place every season. Let me walk you through each of these three methods so you can determine how to plant seed potatoes in your own garden. The process of growing potatoes in containers, grow bags or soil is a little different from other vegetables. Potatoes are grown using a “hilly” technique where the stems are gradually buried by piling up extra soil around the plant as it grows upwards.

However, the resulting tubers take longer to produce and have more variety in the harvest than potatoes sown from seed potatoes. Seeds can also be started indoors in floors, peat pots or other small containers 8 weeks before the last frost date. After the danger of frost has passed, transplant into the garden. Seed potatoes can also be planted in mulch stacks or in cages. Gently shake the mulch over the bed until it is 6 to 10 inches deep.

Once the potato plants bloom, stop climbing the ground. Apply thick mulch to conserve water and control weeds. Potatoes will develop areas with a green skin when exposed to direct Kartoffeln anbauen sunlight during growth. Green areas have a bitter taste because the meat contains a moderately toxic compound. When preparing potatoes, cut the green areas and throw away.